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"Don't rock the boat, baby; don't tip the boat over

(so I'd like to know where, you got the notion...)"


iHear Ya, Sir. You ROCK On CHRIST The SOLID ROCK, Who Keeps

da "Boat" Steady. Therefore, We're Both Triumphant...

Already. ;) **wink**

Sir Mark Davis:

;) **wink**


"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Cook" On da FB 09/19/13:

Someone else's MOTIVES & AGENDA to DESTROY you will be


You WILL PREVAIL! ~Lady Alana~


Ahhhh...YES! **Immediately RUNS Through a "Troop of Tricksters" &

LEAPS Ova a "Wall of Witches"!** What The FUNyuns,

"Lady Alana L. Carriere-Cook"?! iSO Love &

Appreciate You For TriUMPH'n With

The "Gospel Truth", Sis.

Wheeeew! Smh

Still SAIL'n & PREVAIL'n Through The CraZy SEA of LIFE,


"Lady Alana":

LOVE YOU TO LIFE, CASSIE! You ALWAYS have a way of carving out

pleasantry with your comments. You are REFRESHING &

well-equipped with the Word ya-self, Sistah!

"Lady Christine Aka Christclear":

Can I run!!!! #Jesus

"Lady Alana":

Let's run, Sis! Christine...make sure you watch out for me,

because I'm running with ya! GLORY!


Deep Down iBelieve Sir Benjamin Franklin Was Called To Preach!


**Inspired To Write Statement Below, Prior To Finding Quote Above**

Indeed There Are PRECISE Moments When Complete "SILENCE Is GOLDEN": Like The Time JESUS Said NOT a MUMBLING Word, While Being FALSELY Accused of BLASPHEMY & UNFAIRLY Criticized For Re-Presenting GOD The FATHER On da DAILY.

But Know This, Also, That In PERILOUS Times, "SPEAKING Out Can Be PLATINUM": Like When JESUS Gave a VERBAL Command To CEASE The BOISTEROUS "Winds" & TEMPESTUOUS "Waves" That THREATENED To Destroy The Tight-Knit "Relationship" of The Chosen "Discipleship" Aboard The Mighty "CHRISTian-FELLOW Ship". Result: SWEET PEACE. :)




Then, Along Comes Apostle/Dr. Sylvia W. Cunningham,

HERALDING From da FB 10/02/13:

It may have HURT you, but it

will not HINDER you!!!


Understood 1000%, Sis! iHAVE "No"

Complaints, Because My "Yes" To

GOD'S Sovereign Will HELPS Keep


Overdrive! HA-Glory! :)

HERE iGO Again & HAPPY To "Chime" In,


Nehemiah 4:20

~King James Version~

"In what place therefore ye HEAR the SOUND of the TRUMPET,

resort ye thither unto us: our GOD 'shall' fight 'for' us."

Isaiah 18:3

~King James Version~

"ALL ye inhabitants of the WORLD, and dwellers on the EARTH,

see ye, when he lifteth up an ENSIGN on the mountains;

and when he BLOWETH a TRUMPET, HEAR ye."

Isaiah 43:2

~King James Version~

"When thou PASSEST THROUGH the waters, I 'will be' with thee; and

through the rivers, they 'shall not' overflow thee: when thou

WALKEST THROUGH the fire, thou 'shalt not' be burned;

'neither shall' the flame kindle upon thee."

II Corinthians 6:2

~King James Version~

"(For HE saith, 'I HAVE HEARD thee in a time accepted, and in the day

of salvation HAVE I succoured [HELPED] thee: behold, NOW is

the accepted time; behold, NOW is the day of salvation.')"


Living (W)ithin a (W)ORLD That May "(I)mmediately (I)gnore" or

"(O)ccasionally (O)verlook" (G)od's (G)REAT "(P)resence & (P)ower",

(E)very (E)ra In (T)IME (T)ells (H)ow (H)e Continues To

"(E)STABLISH (E)XCELLENCE" In (M)anaging (M)ankind's

Affairs...(W)ith or (W)ithout (H)is or (H)er "(C)onsent

or (C)onditions" aka Personal Approval

or Desired Prerequisites.

It Is, Therefore, (S)afe To (S)ay: Our Mastermind (C)REATOR,

(C)HIEF Architect & (C)ONSUMMATE Orchestrator "(R)ules & (R)eigns"

Forever More; Because "Ain't NOBODY (G)od But (G)od!"

Ya (G)ot It? (G)OOD. ;) **wink**

Just a Li'l "(C)lump of (C)lay", (C)asting ALL My (C)are Away,

As iAm "(C)rucified With (C)hrist" ALL The Livelong Day,


Galatians 2:20

~King James Version~

"I am 'crucified with Christ': nevertheless I live; yet NOT I, but Christ

liveth in me: and the life which I NOW live in the flesh [body]

I live by the FAITH of the Son of God, Who loved me,

and gave Himself for me.

I Peter 5:7

~King James Version~

"Casting ALL your care upon Him; for He careth for you."


Celebrating My FAVOR-RIGHT (Favorite) Female Gospel Artist,

"Lady Evangelist Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole"

On Her Birthday, 10/19/13...

Sharing Her Signature Song, "I'm Still Here", of Which She Is

The Sensational Songtress & Sacred Songwriter

Dorinda Clark Cole - I'm Still Here

Dorinda Clark Cole

This Is Inarguably, Indubitably & Indefinitely EPIC:

♥ An (E)xcellent (P)resentation of (I)mpeccable (C)lass! ♥



"...Morning By Morning NEW Mercies


HAND Has Provided. GREAT Is THY

Faithfulness, LORD, Unto Me..."

0/←(Wit' My "Happiness In a Cup"


Be of GOOD CHEER, Beloved, Because The "Kingdom Record" Yet Proves

That (C)hrist (O)ffers (F)orgiveness (F)or (E)verybody (E)verywhere!

Reminding You That It's GOOD To The EverLASTing Drop,


From Me To "Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons" aka "Dr. PMS":

**After SHARE'n This Post On Her FB Timeline...**

MISS'n Ya...But NEVA (Never) FORGET'n Ya,


"Lady Dr. Phebe Moore Simmons":

Happiness in a cup indeed!! Cheers!! You're such a beast with words!!

Love it!!

"Lady Stevel Davis":

Lol...only you, Lady Cassandra!! That was gio. ;) **wink**


Sir Pastor John E. Taylor da Christian Jazz Artist

On da FB 10/23/13:

Coffee is a gift from God.

Drinking it is my way of saying thank you.

"Lady Katherine Robertson":



KaPOW! & 0/←CHEERS, Kind Sir!

ALWAYS Appreciative For This WONDER-FILLED "Gift From God",


**Previously, After SHARE'n Yesterday's Post On His Timeline Today...**

ANOTHA "Gift From God"...Just For You, Sir Pastor John Taylor. :)

Your Fellow-COFFEE "Mate" In The Kingdom of God,


Sir John:



SHO' HE ALRIGHT! Come On Outta Here!

LOL...(L)aid (O)ut (L)ongwayz!


The Way iSee It: TRUTH & LOVE Are "Gift-Wrapped"


St. John 14:6

~King James Version~

"JESUS saith unto him, 'I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE:

NO man cometh unto the FATHER, but by ME.'"

Proverbs 18:24

~King James Version~

"A man that hath FRIENDS must shew (show) himself FRIENDLY:

and there is a FRIEND that sticketh CLOSER

than a BROTHER."

Special gift by Donnie McClurkin

(Chorus)Heaven Sent Me a Wonderful, Very Special, Beautiful GiftHeaven Sent Me a Very Wonderful, Supernatural, Special Friend(Verse 1)When I Call Him, He Answers PrayerAnd Whenever I Need ...

(One of The Many CLASSIC Gospel Songs Written By The Late Walter Hawkins)

Sir Pastor Donnie McClurkin DID That Definitively & Dynamically!

DON'T You Agree? Well, Dare iSay...iDO, My Dear. :)

**Yes, Da Man Is Dangerous Indeed.**


"Therefore the LORD HIMSELF shall give you a SIGN:

Behold, a VIRGIN shall conceive, and bear a SON,

and shall call HIS name IMMANUEL."

**A Few Back-Up Scriptures To Cross-Reference**

St. Matthew 1:21-25

~King James Version~

"And she (Mary) shall bring forth a SON, and thou (Joseph) shalt call HIS name JESUS: for HE shall SAVE HIS people from their sins. Now ALL this was done, that it might be FULFILLED which was spoken of the LORD by the prophet (Isaiah), saying, 'Behold, a VIRGIN shall be with child, and shall bring forth a SON, and they shall call HIS name EMMANUEL, which being interpreted is, "GOD with us".' Then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the ANGEL of the LORD had bidden him, and took unto him his wife: And knew her not (sexually speaking) till she had brought forth her FIRSTBORN SON: and he called HIS name JESUS."

St. John 1:14

~King James Version~

"And the WORD was made FLESH, and dwelt AMONG us,

(and we beheld HIS glory, the glory as of the ONLY BEGOTTEN

of the FATHER,) full of GRACE and TRUTH."

Emmanuel - Norman Hutchins & JDI Christmas / One of #1 top selling Christmas CDs of all time!!

Debuting #1 Billboard Chart - Available now on ITUNES: available on DVD - "Where I Long To Be" DVD - Now at






CHRISTmas, Even If It Means Being CRITICIZED & CALLED "CraZy"


The WONDERFUL COUNSELOR Who CAME To Earth On "Kingdom Assignment" To SAVE Our SIN-SICK SOULS & Forever CHANGE Our COURSE Behind It. "Happy BIRTHday", JESUS, As We Let The

"Kingdom Record" SHOW: "Mr. Santa Claus" AIN'T GOT NOTHIN'

On THIS & Satan KNOWS Where He Betta GO! lol KaPOW!





...::The OBSERVANCE & SIGNIFICANCE of 01/20/14::...

Sir Elder Hugh E. Mitchell aka "Sandy" Shares

On da FB, Two (2) Days Prior:

Dr. S. E. Mitchell & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Two Men who were chosen by God to lead his people to the promised land... They are yet inspiring people to make an impact in this world. And they shall never be forgotten... Men who walk by faith and not in fear... Men who believe they could do all things through Christ who gave them strength... Men who believed that no weapon that was formed against them would prosper, and every tongue that would rise up against them in judgment God would deal with them... Men of peace, yet they would fight for the rights of others in a non-violent way.... Men of Standards and integrity.... Men who gave their lives for what they believe.


WOW, Sir Elder Hugh E. Mitchell aka "Sandy"! What a "KaPOW'ful" Comparison Betwixt Two PREACH'n GIANTS Within The Kingdom of

"God The GREAT I AM Extraordinaire"! HEAVENLY FATHER, Thanks

SO Much For SHARE'n Them With Us. Indeed We Truly Appreciate The

Personal Contributions That EACH of Them Made In This WORLD,

On Their Way To GLORY & Just Like Them:

"We Shall OVERCOME (What Is Left Here To CONQUER) Someday."

Amen & It IS So. :)

KEEP'n The DREAM Alive While FIGHT'n On The LORD'S Side,



And Now We Present The 29th Annual

Stellar Gospel Music Awards Recipient For "Artist of The Year"!

Let's Give It Up For...TAMELA MANN, Y'all! In Her Own Words: "Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!" :)

Tamela Mann-Take Me To The King (with lyrics)

Visit for more inspiring Gospel music videos! The song "Take Me To The King" is available on iTunes at The new album, Best Days is coming soon!...

Written & Produced By Minister Kirk Franklin

Take me to the King. I don't have much to bring.

My heart is torn in pieces. It's my offering.

Take me to the King.

Truth is, I'm tired. Options are few.

I'm trying to pray; but where are You?

I'm all churched out. Hurt and abused.

I can't fake. What's left to do?

Truth is, I'm weak. No strength to fight.

No tears to cry, even if I tried.

But still my soul refuses to die.

One touch will change my life.

Take me to the King. I don't have much to bring.

My heart is torn in pieces. It's my offering.

Lay me at the throne. Leave me there alone

To gaze upon Your glory and sing to You this song.

Please take me to the King.

Truth is, it's time to playing these games.

We need a word for the people's pain.

So, Lord, speak right now. Let it fall like rain.

We're desperate. We're chasing after You.

No rules, no religion. I've made my decision

To run to You, the Healer that I need.

Take me to the King. I don't have much to bring.

My heart is torn to pieces.It's my offering.

Lay me at the throne. Leave me there alone

To gaze upon Your glory and sing to You this song.

Take me to the King.

Lord, we're in the way. We keep making mistakes.

Glory is not for us. It's all for You.

Take me to the King. I don't have much to bring.

My heart's torn to pieces. It's my offering.

Lay me at the throne. Leave me there alone

To gaze upon Your glory and sing to You this song.

Take me to the King! (3x)