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Cassie Q&C Continued:

(More Quotes and Comments)

THINK about it...then THANK HIM 'bout it: On THIS day, THOUGH you THOUGHT you may never see it, THERE are THOSE who couldn't THRIVE or just didn't strive to make it. THEIR life, as THEY once knew it, has come and gone. THAT leaves you and me here to carry on. THROUGH tests and trials don't THROW in the towel, 'cause God is yet in control and still reigns upon the THRONE.


The DEVIL has been and always will be an ACTOR. He changes his WARDROBE (disguise) according to the SCENE he PLAYS in. To him life's just one BIG STAGE, where he gets into CHARACTER and ACTS "PLUMB FOOL"! Please ignore any and all TICKET SALES to his SHOWS from here on out. Soon he'll just be ENTERTAINING himself! Now...CLOSE THE CURTAINS, and SHUT THE THEATER DOWN! Okay? The End. **EXIT THE BUILDING.**


Attention all PRAYER Warriors! I have a PERSONAL PRAYER request that is PARAMOUNT:

Realizing that I am NOT PERFECT, my Christianity PRACTICE sessions are goin' PRETTY well; howEVA, PLEASE remain PRAYERFUL fo' a sista, so that I will be PERSISTENT and PATIENT in PROCEEDING with the PROCESS, even while some PEOPLE try to PUSH me to the POINT of PUNCHIN' 'em (POW! right in the "kisser") fo' "workin' my nerves," after I've PRONOUNCED to them PLENTY times: "Don't PLAY!"

Ugh! PERFECTION? PUH...leeease. **smh** Thank you, and Amen.

Standing FOXY in PROXY right along with ya,



My PAST is a "HAS-BEEN"!

I learned from "it"...then kicked "it" out,

and laid the "Welcome Mat" out for my PRESENT,

which contains the "gift" of my FUTURE. Now, what?

With NO time to WASTE my time,



I heard "somebody ver, ver special" MENTION during the Texas Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction MEETING (Holy Convocation-2010), "While waiting for your MANIFESTATION, you have to deal with the MADNESS in the MIDDLE." Was that you, Evangelist Shane Perry? Yep. As a MATTER of fact, it was. :)

In other words: MANY times...MORE often than not...we MUST MAKE sure that we MAINTAIN our MUSTARD SEED-faith, which is capable of MOVING even the MOST MONSTROUS MOUNTAINS that MAY get in our way MOMENTARILY, while on the course of our life's MISSION. Get the MESSAGE.


May the Holy Spirit always PRECEDE (go ahead of) us, before we PROCEED (go forth with) us. The AFFECT of true worship from a "Worship Warrior" has a transcendental EFFECT on another who dares to embrace it! It is the UNdeniable SUPERnatural, POWerful presence of God, and nothing else compares to it! \0/<-- (wit' hands uplifted) "Yes, Lord!" **takes off runnin'-n-dancin'-n-shoutin' w/no assistance from ushers and security staff!** What?!

David the Psalmist, in the Bible, was one of the greatest "Worship Warriors" that ever lived, and he often exemplified this so very clearly to us all. Of course, I realize that I can't be exactly like him...but you can call me "DaVida," if you like. It's alright. :)


There are two (2) basic reasons why I do what I do; and it neither takes a rocket scientist nor a college degree to explain it to you.

Reason #1:


Reason #2:


And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, plain and simple...straight to the point, without any additional "bells and whistles."


Psalms 119:11

(King James Version)

"Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee."

Psalms 119:105

(King James Version)

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

If there is a DECREASE in the efficiency of your CHRISTIAN "light," INCREASE the wattage considerably by putting on the MORE of CHRIST. Avoid experiencing "power outages" by keeping "oil" in your "lamps" - having no "power shortages" of THE ANOINTING, similar to being converted to watts from amps!

Governed by the equation: Watts = Amps x Volts

Honey, in the SPIRIT REALM, volts are quick jolts of the HOLY GHOST, empowering, enabling and equipping you for Kingdom-building!

Acts 1:8 (King James Version), "But ye shall receive POWER, after that the HOLY GHOST has come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."



See...this is PRECISELY the reason why Jesus used parables so FREELY and CONFIDENTLY, as a well-known STRATEGY to give more CLARITY to the gospel's AUTHENTICITY. APPARENTLY, He knew that this type of SIMPLICITY would POSSIBLY REMEDY man's mental FACULTY from remaining PERMANENTLY "stuck on STUPIDITY." When you stop and TRULY think about it, it's quite SELF-EXPLANATORY...REALLY. :)


In Spite of Myself

(God's Been So Good To Me)

Scripture Reference: Romans 7:21, 18, 24

Like Apostle Paul, I find in a law that, when I would do good, evil is always present. For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) no good thing dwelleth. O wretched (wo)man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Because He is the only One who can rescue me from my mess! And, in spite of myself, God's been so good to me.

You see, it's by no goodness of my own.

I ain't NOBODY.

But because I am the righteousness of God through Christ,


It really doesn't matter who you are;

He'll save ANYBODY.

For that I'm truly grateful,

And I'll tell EVERYBODY...

(That) In spite of myself, God's been so good to me.


Spoken in my BEST "Maya Angelou" Voice:

"When iSHOW & iTELL you how totally AWESOME God is, BELIEVE me."

~Cassandra Roberson-Kelley~


To be classified as a bona fide ORIGINAL INDIVIDUAL, and to reach your highest and greatest POTENTIAL, it is ESSENTIAL to persevere and make it OFFICIAL, even when others are SKEPTICAL or somewhat CYNICAL. Remember: Not everyone

chooses to be CORDIAL, trying to find any reason to be CRITICAL. It is a known "fact" that is UNIVERSAL, but the "truth" can change anything that is DYSFUNCTIONAL!

May God bless you in the NATURAL as well as the SPIRITUAL, while living a life that is both DEVOTIONAL and SCRIPTURAL. If you'll put Him first, which is PROVIDENTIAL and REVERENTIAL, in turn He'll make it PURPOSEFUL and most BENEFICIAL. For what was once a prophetic VISUAL will manifest as a defining moment that is HISTORICAL and MONUMENTAL


Honey, God the Father is ALL THAT & A BIG OL' BASKET OF FRUIT! I'm talkin' 'bout: Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, and Temperance (Galatians 5:22-23).

Since it has been said that we ARE what we EAT, that explains why I LOOK and ACT so much like Him, continually praising Him with the FRUIT of my lips. Go figure!


To stay in proper ALIGNMENT with my divine ASSIGNMENT means spending some quality time "locked" away in CONFINEMENT:

  • SUPPING with Jesus Christ the SON
  • COMMUNING with Holy Spirit the COMFORTER

...:::Experiencing ALL THREE(3) in ONE(1):::...

So, don't be too concerned about me; for without a shadow of a doubt,


You see?


The greatest way to become a real MASTERMIND is to allow God to be The MASTER of what you have in MIND.


Come here...SIT. Can I talk to you a li'l BIT? As a CONDUIT, I want to share some WIT that the Lord HIT me with, during one of His many VISITS:

SUBMIT to God. RESIST the devil. COMMIT to living holy, and don't QUIT when things get hellish. If the "shoe" FITS, and you know you've done wrong, immediately ADMIT IT, then keep moving along. Your stay in the PIT has a set time LIMIT, because destiny has a "KIT and caboodle" with your name LIT right upon IT! (Read James 4:7-10.)


The "Current Time" is:

Thank You o'clock A.M.(E.N.)

(A)ppreciating the (M)essiah (E)ven (N)ow


Do you know where your blessings are?


In praise and thanksgiving unto God.

Giving myself away...

For ALL He's done for me,



It is a daily FIGHT to do what is RIGHT and to let the true LIGHT of Christ always shine BRIGHT. Even in the darkest NIGHT, don't lose SIGHT on another's desperate and undesirable PLIGHT. Times are hard and MIGHT get a li'l TIGHT, but the law of the Lord should still be our DELIGHT. For God's eyes and ears are open unto the UPRIGHT, and He promises to soon make everything ALRIGHT.


Pastor Sylvia Cunningham: If your words do not administer HELP, HOPE, HOLINESS or HEALING - don't use them to HINDER, HURT, HARASS or HIJACK the emotions of your brother or sister. There is power of LIFE or DEATH in your tongue!!

Me/"Cassie" (in reply): So, then, the question becomes, "Which 4-H Club are you a member of?" The answer is soon revealed by the words of your tongue. Thanks for sharing, Sis. I SO love you! I'm tellin' ya: The truth will do something for us...if we let it. :)

Choosing to speak LIFE,



"Iron sharpeneth iron, so a man (one person) sharpeneth the countenance of his friend."

~Proverbs 27:17 (KJV)~

Piggy-Backing & Bouncing Off the Bold & Bea-YOU-tiful Statements Brought To Us By the Brilliant Minds of My Big & "Bad" (uhm...Good) Brothers-in-Christ:

Listed Alphabetically...

Sir Steven "Bo" Beaudoin, Jr.

(NOTE: Below is my comment to him, after he shared a blog, "I See You," on da FB, from his website ( It is A MUST READ! Go visit him...will ya? Thx!)

Me/"Cassie": God our Heavenly Father & Creator of ALL mankind had a plan, a purpose and a reason for choosing to make man FIRST (before the woman) and appoint him as the HEAD in position of authority/leadership in the home and throughout the world. Though it is plain to see that SOME men either DON'T KNOW their place and value in the world, or they've somehow FORGOTTEN and LOST their way. Therefore, it is up to those of us "IN THE KNOW" to TELL-n-SHOW them the WAY T' GO. Thank you, Sir "Bo," for sharing what YOU KNOW. And for anyone who DIDN'T ya know. :)

Wishing ALL things good throughout da brotherhood,


Sir Steven "Bo" Beaudoin, Jr.

(In Reply)

"Cassie! Sis U R just too much. Thank you."


From one piece o' IRON t' another: U R welcome, Sir! :)


Sir George L. Clinkscale, II

"Stop expecting the one you love to be perfect! See them the way God saw you...a mess until forgiven!"

That describes me alright, Sir George:

A (M)ess (U)ntil (F)orgiven (F)or (I)niquities and (N)aughtiness!

Look at me now, tho. Honey, this "MUFFIN" is fresh-n-fit t' feed others who've fallen short of the glory of God. WHAT?! :)

According to the I AM that is within me,



Sir Shawn Mclemore

"Distract the Devil by not letting him distract you!!!!!!!

Get your praise on......"

DONE, Sir Shawn! That despicable, no-good, dirty scoundrel is so confused right about now...he's runnin' into walls, and gettin' more lumps on his lopsided head than he knows what to do with 'em! When he attempts to put some ice on 'em, the ice instantly melts because of the "coals of fire" that are mounted up there! WHAT?! I'm OUT. :)

Gettin' my PRAISE route to that "WORSHIP ZONE,"



Sir Broderick E. Rice

"Ladies...try HARD not to be so CONSUMED with trying to find a MAN that you lose YOURSELF in the PROCESS."

-Broderick 'The' Empowertainer- © 2010

HE (Whoso) findeth...then SHE won't lose HERSELF by doing things OUT OF DIVINE ORDER. The pursuit of GOD's WILL produces the manifestation of our HEART'S DESIRES. :)

A student of the "BroDERickan language,"


Sir Broderick E. Rice

(In Reply)

"Thank you for your GUEST appearance on my (FB) page. You always UPgrade everywhere you go!"

Thank you, Sir Broderick! Paying attention in what I call your "BroDERickan Language" class on da FB has helped me to excel just a li'l bit higher. I love you, maaan! Be blessed, be encouraged, and I'll certainly be in touch. :)

Your sister-in-Christ and friend for life,



Sir Stephen F. Smith

"Every One Of Us Are Members Of The Ministry Of 'Going Through'!

We All Belong To This Auxiliary! None Are Excluded!"

And whether you want to or not, you WILL pay your dues,

by way of tests and trials! The End

One of the COUNTLESS members of "Going Through,"



Sir Apostle Donald Thompson

"Hey Mighty Woman of God! Just a drop in shout out to one of Heaven's & my 'Favorites' (smile) because you know that is the truth! Shon-da-i!!!! Please continue to bless us with the Word and your amazing singing voice which is a diamond hidden in the rough; may they who know well, grant you opportunity to share it with the world. Holy Ghost stretch forth your hands: move them to do it in Jesus' Name. Amen"


Thank you, Apostle! The Holy Ghost is at work even now, stretching-n-empowering ME in the process. Guess what I told Him: "Have Your way, Holy Ghost. Have Your way!" Yes, Sir! :)

(A Prophetic Word From the Apostle)

"My beloved Sister in Jesus Christ, life long friend, "home girl," childhood friend, former classmate, each time I have entreated the Lord about you, He says you are "PREACHER"! In communion with the Lord, speaking about denominational limits or Doctrines such as 'teacher - missionary' ...His reply is "PREACHER." I keep seeing you speaking God's Word with fire coming out of your mouth. Hebrews 1:7 & 14 Good God Almighty!"


**In humble submission to God's sovereignty**

"YES, Lord." Thank you, Apostle. AMEN...and it IS so. :)


















Lord, make me Your divine INSTRUMENT of praise -

One that You can use in the GRAND ORCHESTRATION of days.

Fine TUNE me, and keep me on PITCH while I'm on DISPLAY.

So, when the SONGS of life are dutifully PLAYED,

Sweet HARMONIOUS sounds in Your ear will be made

SYMPHONIC, MELODIC, and clear to You always.


An Encouraging Message To Me

From My Sister-in-Christ and Friend For Life:

"Lady Robin Gray"

You bless me on a daily basis, Sis. Cassie. You speak the truth in love and make me smile while totally representing the kingdom of God. You'll send people away smiling, yet thinking and repenting. I love you with the love of Christ and I thank the Lord for you, period. Enjoy the remainder of your day!

Always lookup...

-Robin Gray-

Me/"Cassie" (in reply): YES! YES! YES! Those are the exact results that God and I are looking for, "Lady Robin." Thanks for the confirmation. We SO appreciate it. Much love to you, as you keep doin' what you do. MUAH!

Staying in ALIGNMENT with my divine ASSIGNMENT,



Have you HEARD? Did you KNOW? Well, honey child, not only have iHEARD, but iKNOW that ALMIGHTY GOD is "What THAT Is"! HIS SIGNATURE on my soul (written in HIS OWN handwriting, with the blood of JESUS, by the way) is the MOST EXPENSIVE AUTOGRAPH throughout all eternity...and THAT alone is what makes me PRICELESS. "Selah." (Definition by "Cassie": "Push PAUSE, Ponder Peacefully, then Press PLAY in Pursuit of your Purpose.")


The BODY OF CHRIST, which is the FAMILY OF GOD, consists of people from EVERY NATION, DENOMINATION, and DIVERSITY OF TONGUES (languages). We have DIFFERENT personalities and VARIOUS skin tones; but as Blood-washed Believers, we will appear to be as ONE.

"These are they" who will spend all of ETERNITY together worshipping around GOD's THRONE...and from the "signs of these perilous times," we will soon be saying, "SO LONG!"


I am CREATED to worship, just ELATED to worship, CONSECRATED to worship, and DEDICATED to worship the GOD Who WAS, Who IS, and Who ALWAYS WILL BE. Therefore, effective IMMEDIATELY, His Will is my command PERPETUALLY. For HE so wonderfully MADE me, carefully CHOSE me, specially ORDAINED me, and globally EXPOSED me for such a time as THIS. Now, in the name of JESUS, I gladly present to you...ME! :)


"All hands on DECK" and not around your fellow crew member's NECK! To avoid a spiritual SHIPWRECK, we've got to keep ourselves "in CHECK." Learn to work together, warding off "demonic vultures'" PECKS. To refuse to heed the warning is like saying, "Oh, well...who cares?" or "What the HECK?"

If ya GOT It, then let's BE about It - The Truth: Don't leave home without It!


Pastor Sylvia Cunningham:

Look into your PAIN and find your PRAISE.


**gasps!** There It is, Sis...sitting directly in front of my WORSHIP, WAITING to go forth in Jesus' name to PROVE that it's all WORTH it. So, WILLINGLY-n-WHOLEHEARTEDLY I give Him the glory for allowing me the PRIVILEGE to be a PART of His story. :)

PULLIN' out a PRAISE that surpasses my PAIN,



(An additional PARAGRAPH to make another PERTINENT POINT)

PRAISE takes PLEASURE in Its PERFORMANCE to PREVENT the PAINS of life from all but PULVERIZING us. It PAVES the way for the mighty POWERFUL entrance of WORSHIP, as It PREPARES to make Its Own PERSONAL appearance - to introduce to some and to PRESENT to others the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent God of PROMISE, for Whom we should all POSSESS the greatest PASSION, in PURSUIT of His PREEMINENT PRESENCE. Then, after all is said and done, the "expected end" result thereof is to rest comfortably in His PERFECT PEACE, nestled gently in His loving arms.


My Sister-in-Christ and Friend For Life:

"Lady (Psalmist) Wanda Bell"

Going "through" is really on the way "up"!! Don't despise the necessary journey.

Me/"Cassie": Yes, ma'am. This sista-girl is determined to go "through" - marching FORWARD without looking BACKWARD, on my "journey" UPWARD by any means that God deems "necessary." Love it! :)

With my "eyes on the prize,"



In a land that has been faced with this so-called RECESSION, please don't allow it to become such a nagging OBSESSION, which is bound to lead to even further OPPRESSION, closely followed by the symptoms of real deep DEPRESSION. Rather, spend time with God in a special "closed SESSION," starting with an open and very honest CONFESSION of your misdirected affection from His biblically-based EXPRESSIONS to those merely temporary, unfulfilling worldly POSSESSIONS.

As the days continue on, in rapid SUCCESSION, let us not forget the power of prayer and INTERCESSION: It is the best replacement for unnecessary AGGRESSION and a God-approved act, in the area of REGRESSION; because according to II Chronicles 7:14, it brings a change for the better at a more highly favored PROGRESSION.


The Truth we must RECOGNIZE, or be ignorantly deceived OTHERWISE. Jesus Christ: The Way, The Truth and The Life. (St. John 14:6, KJV) What do I know about Him? I know that He's "ALL" Right! "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (St. John 8:32, KJV) Clearly, "The Way" is made so plain that even a "blind" man can "see"! So, let Truth GUIDE us to the PRIZE that is our destiny, shall we? Yes, indeed. :)


My Sister-in-Christ and Friend For Life:

"Lady Jackie Hill"

"Lady J"..."Morning Mocha" (10/15/10) on da FB: What was disguised as priceless DIRT, is actually FERTILE GROUND, but God, in His infinite wisdom, doesn't allow everyone to recognize the greatness in you! Don't get upset, God knows who needed to reject you, in order for Him to bless you! Thank YOU Lord for rebuking the devourers, THEN, opening the windows of Heaven! IT'S YOUR TIME!!! Major love!

Me/"Cassie" ('bout t' bust WIDE open! - LOL):

\0/<-- (wit' arms outstretched t' receive ALL o' this here declaration in JESUS' mighty-n-matchless name) THANK YOU, GOD...and THANK YOU, "LADY J"! :)




An AGENT is an APPOINTED representative who has been APPROVED and AUTHORIZED, at the request of ANOTHER, to execute a specific ASSIGNMENT ACCORDING to a well-thought-out and well-planned AGENDA of a particular AGENCY. Well, guess what? Satan, the Christian's ANTAGONISTIC ADVERSARY: the ANTICHRIST, also has AGENTS with an AGENDA that goes totally AGAINST God the ABSOLUTE. With whom you ASSOCIATE you're most likely to ASSIMILATE.

So, I ask you..."Whose AGENT are you?"

Romans 6:16 answers it for you.


A Memorable "Thought of the Day" by Sir Steven "Bo" Beaudoin, Jr.:

"Just like PENNIES make dollars and MINUTES make days, DECISIONS make destinies. Take care of the little things, and the BIG things will take care of themselves."

Me/"Cassie": Yes, Sir! Duly NOTED, divinely NOURISHED, and deeply NURTURED for destiny, NAMELY. I don't have a problem with that at all, Sir. Thank you!

Your sister-in-Christ and friend for life,



"Anotha 'Morning Mocha' Moment" (10/20/10) With...

"Lady Jackie Hill":

"Lady J": The anointing is costly, but it's worth it! Major love!

Me/"Cassie": Yes, ma'am, "Lady J"...the anointing will BREAK yo' pockets o' pain-n-pressure, then turn around and REPLACE it wit' a bucket o' bountiful blessings! So, let's "suck it up" and get what's ours, shall we? Indeed, we shall!

Because it's WORTH it t' BIRTH it,



When we purposely make God and His Will


Without always "tryna" appease or satisfy the MAJORITY,

Everything else either conveniently becomes


Or could very well be considered as something


After all, to receive God's wisdom, peace, and CLARITY

Is superior to man's uncertain riches and waning POPULARITY.

(Read I Timothy 6:17.)


"Lady Wanda Bell"

(Preachin' on da FB 10/22/10):

Don't be one of those people who go to church and take notes, then never study them again or apply the Word to your life! God's instructions are too powerful and rich to stay in a notebook and like it is an old newspaper. Real men and women of God labor too hard to get a Word of direction from the Lord for us to treat it like that!

Me/"Cassie": On top of that, "Lady Wanda," the Holy Bible (pre-written notes, letters, stories, and other instructions inspired by God) has been here for centuries...waaaayyyy before any of us got here. Study-n-Apply what's ALREADY available. After all, ADDITIONAL NOTES don't mean "diddly-squat" without the ORIGINAL QUOTES!

Bringing the WORD from paper to LIFE,





Pastor Sylvia Cunningham:

(Overseer-Elect for 2011)

The devil becomes PETRIFIED when you don't waste your time trying to VALIDIFY what he tries his best to NULLIFY that God has already "CERTIFIED, JUSTIFIED and QUALIFIED"!!!


"Lady Sylviaaaaaaa"!!! Ugh!

**smh** That disfigured two-faced devil has STEADILY LIED, and his ugly-butt's access is ALREADY DENIED!

Because I'm SOLIDIFIED by Christ Who (for me) was CRUCIFIED,


"Lady Sylvia @ Cassie: ...And that's not FALSIFIED!

Sir James Montgomery Manuel: Overseer & Sis. Kelley, y'all sho' ain't LIED! ;)

"Cassie" @ Sir James (and the rest of us): See...when Jesus DIED many grieved and CRIED; but soon those tears were DRIED, when "true victory" was IDENTIFIED! :)

Sir James: With all this said, and when it's all said and done, at the end of the day, that old serpent gets FRIED!!! ;)

"Cassie" @ Sir James: For him no hope will ever be SUPPLIED...just unbreakable chains and shackles APPLIED! :)

**In Closing**

Now that all three(3) of us have TESTIFIED

About the Savior upon Whom we've faithfully RELIED,

We see the devil as a "BIG DUMMY" - fit to be TIED.

And if you're still not convinced, then...oh, well...we TRIED!




Gettin' Put in Check on da FB (10/26/10) by Ms. AGB (lol)...

"Lady Angela (Gray) Blair":

"If you only knew what God is getting ready to do,

You wouldn't even care who was hatin' on you!

Don't give up, and keep your eyes on the LORD!" ~AGB


The TABLE is being prepared right before the presence of my enemies, "Lady Angela." What a nice SPREAD it is, too! All they can do is WATCH it and SMELL it; but they can neither TOUCH it nor TASTE it. Because what God has for ME, it is for ME. They, on the other hand, will either have to GET RIGHT and GET THEIR OWN, or GET SOMEWHERE ELSE-n-SAT DOWN while the FEAST OF THE LORD is going on! Oh, what misery and torture for those who choose to miss out on this...especially when they don't have to! **smh**

With a "NAPKIN" on my lap and a "KNIFE-n-FORK" in hand,



You know what? When YOU know for yourself that you KNOW that you know a "thang," then you just KNOW a "thang." You KNOW? Waaaay BEFORE you KNEW me, you DIDN'T KNOW me. But NOW that you KNOW me, don't you wish you ALWAYS KNEW me? Well, that's how I feel about God, too. Of course, He's ALWAYS KNOWN me, even BEFORE the foundation of the world! WOW...that's "kewl!" I KNOW, right? :)


My Sister-in-Christ and Friend For Life:

"Lady Cassandra (Cleveland) Robertson"

"Father, in our quest to provide the best of the best for our children, may we NOT overload them with extra curricular activities & material things that distract them from YOU, the family dynamic & the simple joys of life! We employ the Holy Spirit as the sifter of secular information & YOUR Word as our foundation! We decree & declare that our children possess the power, skill, compassion & anointing to change the world!"

Me/"Cassie" (too):

Yes, ma'am, "Lady Cassie"...the SIMPLE life is AMPLE enough when having GOD, Who's MORE THAN enough. For the cares of this life cannot compare to the eternal life in CHRIST, with Whom we share! :)

Never LACKING with GOD as my "BACKING,"



Bringing the Body Under Subjection,



Mind, think SOBERLY and discern WISELY.

Soul, wait PATIENTLY and trust CONFIDENTLY.

Body, function PROPERLY and develop COMPLETELY.

Spirit, abide HUMBLY and rest PEACEABLY.

Eyes, observe ATTENTIVELY and see CLEARLY.

Ears, listen CAREFULLY and hear CORRECTLY.

Mouth, speak POSITIVELY and shut OCCASIONALLY.

Hands, work PRODUCTIVELY and serve DILIGENTLY.

Feet, walk PURPOSEFULLY and dance JOYFULLY.


Words of Wisdom By "Lady Teresa Hairston":

"Anytime you are divinely assigned to new territory, you will face

adversity, and you will need courage. Joshua had to "take courage"...

It's time for you to TAKE what God has for you, and exercise courage, activate faith. God's promise is SURE! GO FOR IT!!! DON'T GIVE UP!"

(Scripture Reference: Joshua 1:6-9.)


Yes, ma'am, "Lady T."

God's promise is enough "GET-UP-n-GO POWer Juice" fo' me!


**There she goes, folks!**

Because it's MINE fo' da TAKIN' in EVERY MOVE I'm MAKIN',



Sound Advice From Sir David Frazier

"Sometimes it's hard making your dreams come true,

but you've got to keep on trying

and keep on dreaming till they do."


Yes, indeed, Sir David!

"Hard" doesn't make the "dream"

impossible to achieve;

it just strengthens the "muscles"

to handle the "reality"

which you shall receive.

Y'all don't hear me, tho.

;) **wink**

Pressing-n-NOT Stressing While

Waiting On My Blessing,



Ladies & Gentlemen, I Present To You "Rev. Dr." John W. Delley, I:

Hear Ye Him!

"If there is something on YOUR MIND so HEAVY that it's DISTURBING

your REST and YOU can't SLEEP...Know this one thing...that our GOD never sleeps nor slumbers...and HE's waiting to talk to you...tell HIM about it...and HE will reassure YOU of HIS still being in control...get off the computer ("Cassie" NOTE: Or WHATEVA else), and speak to HIM, and then wait and let HIM speak to YOU...shhhhhh! HE's waiting...bblessed!"

Me/"Cassie": GOD is on WATCH 24/7. We must LEARN-n-REMEMBA that NOTHIN' we encounter on this earth, at ANY point in our lives, is hidden from the OMNISCIENT (ALL-KNOWING) & OMNIPRESENT GOD. So, why waste a good night's SLEEP dealing and wrestling with ANYTHING, for ANY REASON AT ALL? Leave it be, and REST YO' MIND. If you GET GOD and stay on the RIGHT TRACK, then when TROUBLE comes...BABY, GOD's GOT YO' BACK! Yes, Sir, and GOD t' BLESS you, Sir! :)

From a KELLEY to a DELLEY,



**"Cassie" Singing**

"And like a GOOD NEIGHBOR, 'FAVOR' is there."

(A "C. J. Kelley" Production Arrangement - lol)

PONDER THIS, if you will: In reference to the "FAVOR OF GOD," many have said, "FAVOR AIN'T FAIR." Well, guess what? Contrary to POPULAR belief, I "beg the difference" (beg to differ). Why? Because if "GOD IS FAIR" (and "JUST," by the way), then "HIS FAVOR" is likewise. So, there. "DON'T PLAY!"

However, the thing that is "MOST UNFAIR" is how some folks tend to take "GOD's FAVOR" for granted and insult HIM by not using it for "HIS GLORY."



You REALLY do COMPLETE me. I love You TRULY, DEEPLY, and WHOLEHEARTEDLY. My soul would be SO LOST WITHOUT You. Therefore, NO ONE can EVER make me DOUBT You, because I KNOW TOO MUCH ABOUT You. When asked, "Who's the GREATEST?" Oh, let me SHOUT it: "It is You, JESUS!"

Yes, You were "HUNG UP FOR MY HANG-UPS." That's why for You MY WILL I GIVE UP. You are the LORD & SAVIOR of my life. Your BLOOD has cleared me of sin's penalties...its inward and outward strife.

I am FOREVER grateful to be united as ONE with You. Right NOW, I am just SO happy until I KNOW what to do! ;) **wink** Sir, how MUCH do I SINCERELY love Thee? I can NEVER count the ways, but I PROMISE to honor, cherish, and adore Thee for the REST of my days. Awwww...Thank You, JESUS! MUAH! :)




Sir Steven "Bo" Beaudoin, Jr. Preachin' On da FB:


"[[Lest there be any further confusion]] Your WALK is not about's about TRANSFORMATION. Your JOURNEY is not about TAKING you somewhere new...But it is about MAKING you something new. God is NOT trying to RELOCATE you...But God IS trying to RENOVATE you. So, maybe you should STOP MOVING...and START CHANGING?"


Wheeeew! That "thang" (the statement) is so "heavy-n-deep" (even tho I KNOW ya ain't "tryna" be, but "antywho"...) 'til allz I can say right about now is:


The End **smh**

Your sister-in-Christ and friend for life,


Sir "Bo": Cass, hey sissy, you know I love you too, right? ;))

"Cassie": **Just smilin'-n-cheezin' "as all get out"**


"Lady Arlene Hunt-Jacobs":

(Uhm...ALSO preachin' on da FB 11/04/10!)

"LET GO, AND LET GOD!!! Ok, you've tried it your your way long enough and you see where it has gotten you...It's time to just cast your care on Jesus and REST in the fact that HE can and will manage your life better than you can!!! Give HIM the wheel and let HIM DRIVE!!!! Take the back seat, baby, and get ready for the ride of your life!!!!! They that have ears to hear, let him hear!!! Happy Thursday, guys~!!~!!"

Me/"Cassie": This is a "PAID IN FULL" advertisement by Yahweh (not to be confused with Yahoo!) Way t' go, "Lady Arlene"! I love you, Sis. :)

In da "back seat" wit' my seat belt fastened "snug-n-tight" (lol),